Will You Survive HyperChange?
It's risky to ignore HyperChange!
Does Your Business Success
Depend on a
"Return to Normal?"
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HyperChange is 100 years of Change in YOUR Next 10 years!

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I'll guide you on your journey to a HyperChange future!I Help You
Survive and Thrive
Today's HyperChange

100 years of change in Your Next 10!

I'm Mark Cofano.

I make change easier for you, serving as your

Savvy executives hire me as

Start your critical change initiative today...

Because tomorrow
may be too late.
Does your business need
BIG CHANGES in 2023?

I Help Six
Types of Clients...

...successfully navigate change!

Big &


Small &


& Agency


Your Business Challenges
and Opportunities
Are Unique
Most Change Agents cannot match my unique skills, knowledge and experience!

Others may not understand key differences between B2B and B2C, product only, service only, government or many other business types and models. They may not have the ability to adapt their change solutions to meet the needs of small or young vs. large, older businesses. Their solutions may be out-of-date and uninspired.

I've delivered hundreds of successful projects in dozens of industries. This experience allows me to assist you, regardless of your current size or situation. My solutions are also more creative!

My diverse experience helps me to be much more effective.
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