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COVID-19 is a challenge for most businesses right now. It's natural to feel a bit discouraged.

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Do Your Great Ideas Just Gather Dust?

To know what to do and have no resources to act, may feel worse than not knowing.

If you are short on project resources now but usually aren’t, consider adding some.

If you are always short on important project resources, perhaps that’s a big problem.

I am a Change Project Leader. I can successfully lead change initiative projects of virtually size, while teaching the team to run better projects in the future!

Many times, after I complete a Visionary or Advisor Change Assignment, my client will want to do a project to capitalize on what has been discovered. All too often, the internal team needed to staff the new project does not exist! That's why I developed eMC2 Leader ™. Your projects don't have to wait, or worse...gather dust!

  • We'll define a scope of work and budget...
  • I'll document and build consensus..
  • I'll start the project properly
  • I'll find internal resources where possible
  • I'll find external resources if necessary
  • I'll replace myself and hand-off
  • I'll provide oversight if necessary

Your high-value projects will receive the attention they deserve.
Don't let 2021 become a repeat of 2020. Let me help you get an important project moving!

I'm also a Change Agent Visionary and Advisor

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