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COVID-19 is a challenge for most businesses right now. It's natural to feel a bit discouraged.

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Hello! My name is Mark Cofano...

I'm an Expert Change Agent. I have more than four decades of experience helping organizations and executives make big changes!

Today, due to the increasing and unpredictable effects of "HyperChange", most of us are having to make bigger and more frequent changes just to survive. Add to that the challenges associated with COVID-19, and you'll probably agree that it's a more than challenging time for all!

Three ways to help you change...

When you hire me as your Expert Change Agent, I can serve as your Visionary, Advisor, or Project Leader.

You may need me to provide only one service, or you may need all three. These roles compliment each other. Visionary anticipates Advisor. Advisor anticipates Project Leader. And Project Leader informs Visionary.

Help for You, Your Business or Your Partners...

As an Expert Change Agent, I work with C-Suite leaders like you who have final say on all or some part of your business. You have budgetary authority and you can hire me when you see value.

I can also help you, the business executive make important changes. Your career may depend on change in the near term.

You may also believe that a trusted customer, vendor or other business partner is urgently in need of short-term change. If so, I'll gladly accept your referral and create value for you.

You'll benefit immediately by:

  • My more than four decades of diverse experience serving a wide range of industries
  • My very unique and up-to-date skill set that my customers depend on
  • My "can do" attitude and self-starter critical when resources are scarce and stress is high
  • My global business network, filled with remarkable people who will help me help you

Because your time is so valuable, I've made it very easy for you to decide if we should have a conversation. Please review the frequently asked questions below and feel free to contact me.
Frequently Asked Questions

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