HyperChange is Here...HyperChange will END many businesses, industries and institutions. Survive, then thrive!

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Welcome! My name is Mark Cofano...

For more than five years, I've been studying HyperChange, its historical causes and powerful effects.

Why? Because HyperChange is both a huge threat and opportunity!

I use more than four decades of business experience to help organizations and executives make the big changes required to survive and thrive in times of HyperChange!

Can I Really Predict Your Most Likely Futures?

Yes, I can! You and your business have many possible futures. Using tools like the Delphi Method, Trend Extrapolation, Mathematical Modelling, etc. I help clients see their many possible futures. Most importantly, I help them rationally place bets on which futures are most likely.

My "secret prediction sauce" includes several factors that I've verified will improve prediction quality. These factors include like "observer effects, HyperChange dynamics, resource constraints, etc.

What Kind of Clients Do I Serve?

What are My Primary Services?

I can serve as your Futurist, Fractional Executive Officer (FCxO) and Educator. Some clients need only one of my services, while others find great value in all three.

Once you've selected one or more services types, I can deliver a variety of different project types with great outcomes!

Are We "Right" for Each Other?

Will I Invest in You and Your Business?

What are Some Suggested Next Steps?

You'll benefit immediately by:

  • My more than four decades of diverse experience serving a wide range of industries
  • My very unique and up-to-date skill set that my customers depend on
  • My "can do" attitude and self-starter ability...so critical when resources are scarce and stress is high
  • My global business network, filled with remarkable people who will help me help you

Because your time is so valuable, I've made it very easy for you to decide if we should have a conversation. Please review the frequently asked questions below and feel free to contact me.
Frequently Asked Questions

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