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COVID-19 is a challenge for most businesses right now. It's natural to feel a bit discouraged.

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Is Your Team's
Business Vision Clear?


Is Your Team's
Business Vision Clear?


There's more than one future.

Every business and person has multiple possible futures....there are shared futures too.

To consider what the future may hold, we must first define whose future we are discussing.

There are architects of the future...they pick winners and losers.

It's best to be an architect, designing benevolent futures.

If you can't be an architect, do your best to be a winner.

To be a, choose, and take action to make your best future a reality.

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Need a Futurist Keynote Speaker?

I'm thrilled to share the feedback I received from my last Futurist Keynote for the Western Riverside Council of Governments in June of 2019:

"For the past 28 years, the Western Riverside Council of Governments holds an regional conference for our member agencies. This year, we asked Mark Cofano, a futurist to do our lunch keynote. He had a difficult deliver an inspirational but hard-hitting message about the future to our audience of Mayors, City Council members, and other key stake-holders. Our region is facing some significant challenges. Mark was responsible for taking material from the speakers that preceded him, and incorporating on-the-fly into his talk...a tough assignment! The result? Mark Cofano delivered a compelling and well-received keynote. Our guests were appreciative of his message and we received many compliments. If you need a futurist keynote speaker that can make your meeting memorable, we can strongly recommend that you hire Mark Cofano."

Rick Bishop and Chris Gray
Western Riverside Council of Governments

My goal is for you to write my next great testimonial!

If your organization needs a polished, powerful and motivating keynote, let's talk. I have ready-to-go presentations on "The Future You Choose", "Rapid Automation Job Loss", "Technology, Truth and Trust" and "Just Too Convenient!" If these talks aren't exactly what you need, I'll be happy to create a custom presentation, deck and materials to suit your specific event.

I'm uniquely qualified to speak as a futurist. My long career as a technologist, marketer, change agent, inventor and entrepreneur gives me a perspective that you won't get with other speakers. My network gives me access to up-to-the minute information that others just can't duplicate.

Using my powerful Twist! Cloud platform, I can engage your audience before, during and after your event. You'll love the feedback and the price will definitely fit your budget. Sound good?

Please call me at (949) 558-2222 for more information!

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