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COVID-19 is a challenge for most businesses right now. It's natural to feel a bit discouraged.

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Need a Change Advisor? Need a Change Advisor?
Real experience and guaranteed results! Real experience and guaranteed results!

Are Your Change Initiatives Carefully Engineered?

Great leaders understand the risks and rewards of significant change.

If you have great advisors, seek their change advice, now more than ever.

If not, you risk making unforced errors.
I am a Change Advisor and Subject Matter Expert. I use 40 plus years of experience to provide critical advice to you and your Management Team.

I developed eMC2 Advisory ™ to deliver outstanding change initiative results. How does it work? Together we...

  • Choose the correct change initiatives

  • Identify stakeholders, champions and enemies...

  • Calculate costs, returns, and risks...

  • Hold each other accountable...

  • Communicate well...

  • Work in a planned manner...

  • Course correct as needed...

You achieve the change you need, and you see real, measurable value.
Do you have a top notch Expert Change Agent helping you with important decisions? YOU + PLUS ME = THREE ™.

I'm also a Business Visionary and Project Leader!

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