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Mark Cofano's
Strategy Partners

Bob Fish

Fish IP Law™

Bob Fish is one of the most experienced, creative and successful patent attorneys you will find. He's an inventor too and has created his own intellectual property. He's one of only a few IP attorneys I've met that doesn't want you to waste your money on an idea that isn't patentable or can't be readily commercialized. He's helped me many times at no cost.

Darlene Lyons

EzEvents, Inc.

Darlene Lyons is a professional and polished corporate event expert. Her experience spans decades. Darlene's company, EzEvents produces multi-million dollar events all over the world. Her clients are both large and small, public and private and her committment to event excellence is unparalled.

Dr. Johannes Moenius, Ph.D

SEI Consult

Johannes Moenius is a highly-accomplished educator, media personality, business person, entrepreneur. He is co-founder of SEI Consult, a firm that provides solutions that educate businesses and government, regarding rapid job loss due to automation.

Ken Moyle

K6 Partners

Ken Moyle is a powerful mix of tech executive, sales leader, attorney, and investor. His successes including very well-known public companies as well, mid-size firms, and fast-growing startups and scale-ups. Ken has the both the desire and ability to listen, understand and create value for those that work with him. He's a great guy and someone that can work well with people with many different personalities and backgrounds. I strongly recommend Ken Moyle.

David Parker

Divergent IQ

David Parker is the real deal. Unlike the hoards of self-proclaimed "branding and marketing gurus" that fill your inbox, David has the big-league experience to help you understand what a brand really is, and to make yours shine.

Damon Pistulka

Exit Your Way

More information is coming soon...

Henning Schwinum


Henning Schwinum is a consummate expert on business sales leadership. As a co-founder of Vendux LLC, Henning provides quality consulting expertise to his clients. Henning and Vendux also provide services to interim sales executives, thereby creating a marketplace for those that need sales leadership and those that offer it. I find Henning to be very knowledgeable and a valuable resource for my clients and associates.
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