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COVID-19 is a challenge for most businesses right now. It's natural to feel a bit discouraged.

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Startup Idea Assassin

Solution Summary:

Nine out of ten startups die. The reasons vary, and there is considerable disagreement as to the cause(s) and whether anything can be done about this.

As a long-time startup advisor, I believe that at least 50% of startups die because their idea is significantly flawed and is not ever going to work (or work at scale). Discovering this up front, before time and money are wasted seems like an obvious solution. But most Founders, fueled by "idea adrenalin" are more concerned with getting funded and making "progress", even though their startup is a dead-business walking.

I created "Startup Idea Assassin" because I want you, the Founder or Investor, to realize that my goal in this project is to kill your beautiful startup idea deader than a doornail, by PROVING to you that your idea and team will ultimately fail and that a pivot isn't wise.

Are you brave enough to put a hit out on your startup idea? Best case, my team and I kill it and you can start working on another great idea of yours. You might save years and millions. Worst case, you have something you can share with investors that will make getting funded much easier!

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