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Executive Accountability Partner

Solution Summary:

Well-intentioned and successful executives can have challenges from time to time. The more senior their position, the less likely they will have the appropriate coaching to optimize their performance.

The three most common challenges that executives face are:

  • working on the wrong things (scheduling)

  • failing to complete the tasks scheduled (accountability)

  • communicating effectively (leadership)

Sometimes these challenges occur simultaneously or separately. Either way, the executive's performance is negatively affected.

An appropriate accountability partner can work with the executive to remedy one or all of these challenges roblems. The results can be dramatic!

I am available to be an accountability partner for you or someone that reports to you.

Solution Detail:

Most executives that I have worked with make, and sometimes fail to meet their commitments to others. The reasons are many...trying to keep staff and shareholders happy, attempting overly ambitious financial goals, and a dealing with a schedule that has a mind of its own.

Worse yet, these same executives sometimes make commitments to themselves that they do not honor. To lose weight, to make it home for dinner on time, to listen more attentively in meetings, to terminate someone who should have been let go years ago. Does this sound at all familiar?

If this is an infrequent occurrence, I think most of us are inclined to see this as a reality of life...busy people sometimes get overly busy or forgetful and miss on a few commitments. But when the commitment problem continues on, gets worse or becomes a defining characteristic of the executive, it can be very damaging. Companies and people can be injured, and the executive's career can be derailed.

Sometimes, missing commitments seems to come with no consequence. Just move an employee review from this week to next, not a big deal, they work for you right? Maybe you'll call that vendor back next month, vendors are easily replaceable, right? Perhaps no one else even knows...not even your assistant.

But you know when you miss your commitments. You know when you injure a relationship and the injured party is in no position to complain. It bugs you for a while, and then somehow, it stops bugging you. It's just the way things are, right? Do your best and hope everyone understands.

If you've come to the conclusion that making and missing commitments has become an unacceptable problem for you or someone that reports to you, you may need some help to get things back on track. You or your report may need an accountability partner.

I can help. In a weekly meeting via a web call, I can help you stay on track. I can identify patterns, and help you document important commitments. I can be that voice that reminds you that we're talking about your integrity. In 90 days or less, you'll make fewer commitments that you cannot honor, and you'll deal with missed commitments when they do happen, openly and transparently.

Typical Work Process

  • Cofano QualiTrack™ Project Launch

  • Assess scope and cause of commitment failure in introductory call

  • Determine likely method to resolve commitment failures

  • Gain client agreement and document

  • Implement consequence chain

  • Meet weekly via web call and document issues and major commitments

  • Take corrective action where required

  • Review and make adjustments every three (3) month

  • Repeat or conclude

  • Cofano QualiTrack™ Project Conclusion

Questions? Please call me at 949-558-2222 or email me at mark@markcofano.com

Thanks...I appreciate you!

Mark Cofano

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